Tolkien and Chess and Gaudy Night

May 13, 2019

I took a break from Robin Hood this weekend to see the new biopic Tolkien; the Longmont Theater Company’s production of Chess, which I had never seen despite knowing the music from it; and to finish reading Dorothy Sayers’ Gaudy Night and then watching the TV version with Edward Petherbridge and Harriet Walter (who also played the very sympathetic medic who soothes Chewbacca’s ego in The Force Awakens, which is just wonderful, isn’t it?).

Tolkien:  This is about J.R.R. Tolkien’s formative years, his boyhood friendships, his romance with Edith, and his time in the war. It’s very beautiful and heartfelt. I have some quibbles, and not with the bio part of it but with the story part — it really needed another scene with Ronald and Christopher after the war. I personally also could have used a lot more of Nicholas Hoult reciting Middle English but I’m sure that’s just me. I’ve got a long review of this coming up from Lightspeed.

Chess:  Much more operatic than I was expecting. The local talent is very good, the music is very good. It moves very fast. And the characters are all just really unlikable, aren’t they? I want to see it done as a solid period piece — this one wasn’t, which is fine, but it felt wonky.

Gaudy Night:  All right, I’m completely smitten with Peter and Harriet now. Why did no one tell me just how ragingly feminist this novel is? It’s great. Rwaor.


One Response to “Tolkien and Chess and Gaudy Night”

  1. jazzlet Says:

    Gaudy Night is great, but I am still, decades after first reading it, upset about the smashing off the carved ivory. Some power of writing that I shoud be upset about the desruction of a fictional object for so long, though of course it is partly about what it represents. And yes Harriet and Peter for ever!

    Harriet Walter is brilliant.

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