Keycon and cooking etc.

May 6, 2019

Reminder:  In less than two weeks I’ll be Guest of Honor at Keycon in Winnipeg! See you there?

Birding Big Day ended up being pretty mellow. I had other things going on that day and was in a new park — where, unbeknownst to me, “Family Fun Day” had been scheduled. So…many…giant…strollers…  Only 33 species total. BUT… my original plan of spending all day at Walden Ponds, the place where I bird the most, to see how many species I can get there? Still gonna do it, just on my own schedule.

Learning to cook:  My “learn to cook” quest has been going about ten years, and I’m pretty solid. I’ve done Thanksgiving dinners, I’ve cooked for 12 at a writers’ retreat. But I checked off another skill this weekend:  I had a couple of ingredients that needed using up before they went bad — onions and bell peppers — and I had all the stuff on hand to make something nice with them.

See, this is one of the skills that people don’t really talk about, that you’re just supposed to know, but you can’t really cook successfully without it. And that’s knowing what to stock as a matter of course, knowing what to have in the cupboard so that you can reliably make tasty meals from scratch. Not even the staples, but the ingredients that hold the staples together. Tomato sauce, broth, lemon juice, heavy cream, garlic, what spices you’re always going to use, and so on.

I seem to have accomplished having a reliably stocked pantry so that I can almost always put something nice together. And that feels pretty good.


One Response to “Keycon and cooking etc.”

  1. Jazzlet Says:

    I have seen discussions of what you should always have in your larder, in books aimed at student cooks, not so much for cooks who while not on a student budget also can’t afford to have the contents of a supermarket in their larder and just chuck out all the things that really do go off if kept too long. Well done on working out what your staples are!

    Enjoy your day at Walden Ponds when you take it.

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