Happy Wednesday?

April 3, 2019

This week I’m waiting for emails. For people to get back to me about various things. I hate this part.

Meanwhile, the nice thing about being self-employed and waiting is I can very easily be the person who sits online for 3+ hours to get Avengers: Endgame opening-night tickets for all my friends. I’ll be your guy in the chair!

I’ve been working on a structural analysis of Avengers: Infinity War, mostly to try to work out, on a sheer mechanical level, how the film juggled that many characters. I’ve figured it out, I just need to find a pretty way to post about it.  I was hoping for diagrams, but that may not happen. But also…what clues are we missing? What can I predict about the second half of the story? Captain Marvel added a ton of clues. Well, maybe not a ton, but one big one that I think is going to be pivotal. In short, I think there’s some pretty savvy misdirection going on about how this is all going to work out, and we’re all going to look back and wonder how we missed it. I’ve been debating about whether to do a Big Post of Avengers Predictions, just to have some record I can point to and brag that I was right. Assuming I’m right. I may very well be wrong (except I want to point out that I did predict what happened to Coulson in Avengers based simply on Whedon’s fetish for impaling people). But I also don’t want to think TOO much about it ahead of time. Will ponder.

Argh, I can’t wait!

Reminder:  I’m posting some of my older, harder-to-find stories at Curious Fictions, along with posts about why and how I wrote them. Check it out, and if you feel like buying me a coffee or something, subscribe, or drop something in the tip jar! Thank you!


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