Monday, again

April 1, 2019

Was last week a rough week? Among my clan it feels like last week was a rough week, for no particular reason. Things just didn’t go smooth. Why can’t they go smooth?

Monday is always a chance to try to reboot and make things better. See if I can’t check some things off my list and make some progress.

Over the weekend I didn’t get much work done, but I did:

Go birding. The highlight was a Northern Harrier that swooped right in front of me.

Start a new big sewing project. I didn’t do any sewing for myself last year. But I’ve worked at organizing my craft space, found the fabric I got for this project almost two years ago, and decided that now’s the time. I’ll show you when I have something to show, but the first pieces have been cut. It’s completely frivolous and really only makes sense to me, and that’s okay.

Knitting. After not really knitting after the holidays, I’ve started up a couple of projects, and am going through my yarn stash looking for more. It feels good to be doing things with my hands again.

I hope very soon to announce some really cool things I’ve been working on that will be coming out over the next year or so. I know I keep saying that, and I know the vague-posting is annoying. But I don’t want to announce until I get some hard release dates we can mark on our calendars.

I hate waiting.

Meanwhile, this month’s Lightspeed reprints my story “The Lady of Shalott,” in which I rewrite the old story so that it finally makes sense.

Happy Monday!


One Response to “Monday, again”

  1. howardbrazee Says:

    So I got two of your stories for one subscription!

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