The Kid Who Would be King

February 4, 2019

We were all intensely charmed by the trailers for this one — clever British school children, Arthurian legend, Patrick Stewart in PJ’s as Merlin, what’s not to love?

Well, this is one of those movies where pretty much all the best bits are in the trailers. It also runs long — four acts, and I knew it was going to be four acts because we got to the big confrontation in the third act and we still hadn’t seen some of the scenes covered in the trailers so I knew there was going to be another big battle. And this is the point where I realize I may possibly have become too jaded and cynical for this kind of movie.

It’s not a bad movie. It’s earnest. It’s full of all the expected tropes. The ideal audience is age 10, and my friends were able to access their inner ten-year olds enough to have a good time. I didn’t quite. I think it ran long, and I’m very worried about whether the riding instructor in Cornwall got her horses back. And SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER I think there’s some very weird gender politics going on with Morgana, but then there always are, aren’t there? Like, she turns into a really cool harpy monster. But then, she pretty much has to turn into a monster so we don’t feel weird about the 12 year old boy hacking her to pieces with a sword when, really, the woman has some legitimate beefs with the patriarchy so it kind of feels weird anyway.

I may be overthinking this.


One Response to “The Kid Who Would be King”

  1. AKK Says:

    I saw the trailer for this with my daughter. Her complaint was that they had a great opportunity to use the recent, real-life cases of little girls finding old swords in ponds and they wasted it.

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