January 25, 2019

I’ve spent all month reading The Books of Earthsea, the wonderful compilation of everything Le Guin wrote about Earthsea all in one volume with illustrations by Charles Vess. It’s great, because reading everything back-to-back means making connections and seeing how it all fits together and how Le Guin’s approach to the world changed over the decades she wrote the stories.

My conundrum is this:  In my reading log, do I count this as one book or six?  I mean, it would sure look spiffy to already have that many books recorded, and they were all originally published separately, and…and….


4 Responses to “Conundrum”

  1. mdkanner Says:

    I think Goodreads should have another way to count than just the number of books

  2. Jo Anne Vaughn Says:

    I think it should be 6!

  3. Joe Sherry Says:

    I’d count as 6, even from the omnibus edition.

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