2 movies

January 2, 2019

I’m making an effort to catch up on the huge number of movies I want to see this holiday season, a task made more challenging by being on vacation for two weeks and missing a bunch of release dates. But I’m getting there.

Mortal Engines

I wish this had come out in about 2011, when steampunk was huge and we were all wishing for a big, beautiful, epic, and truly steampunk movie. I think reviewers and audiences would have forgiven it some of its faults, which are mostly faults of being too ambitious and trying to cram too much story into too short a space, which means the plot and characters are all a bit stock and deserve better. Like maybe a 12-part mini-series. I’m glad I saw it. It looks amazing, and the things it does really well are the visuals and the worldbuilding. And I’m sad, since because this flopped we may not get another chance at a big, beautiful, epic, and truly steampunk movie.

Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse

I liked it, and it demonstrates yet again what an endearing, enduring character Spider-man can be when handled well. All the Spider-heroes are everything that is good and earnest and right about superheroes. The animation is great and pushes some boundaries. I love how meta it is, and that it plants itself in directly in the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire Spider-man timeline. The voice cast is amazing. Lily Tomlin’s Aunt May is maybe my favorite Aunt May ever. I’m happy that storytellers and filmmakers are still finding new and interesting ways of telling superhero stories. Just when I think we’ve reached peak saturation, it’s nice to see something like this come along.

I’m also grappling with the same thing I did in Star Wars: Rebels, where I’m at the age where I relate way more to the tired parent-aged characters than I do to the plucky young heroes. Kanan Jarrus in Rebels, and 38-year old screw-up Peter Parker here. I’ve kind of forgotten what those kinds of characters looked like when I was a teenager. I think they looked like warnings. Now, I want to hug them and bring them home with me.



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