one last hurrah for 2018

December 31, 2018

I’ve been thinking of good things that happened in 2018, because a lot of good things did, even though in other ways I’ve been struggling. I won’t have a novel out in 2019 because I didn’t completely finish one this year. I’m working on two, but still revising them, and that’s been tough. It’s put me in a bit of a funk that’s been hard to claw out of. If I’ve been quieter than usual, that may be why. I don’t want to focus on struggling so I end up not focusing on anything at all. And that’s before even thinking about the bigger picture of politics in this country, which has frankly been a parody of itself for awhile now.

So let’s think about the good. This year, Bannerless won the Philip K. Dick Award and that was huge. Like, maybe I really do know how to write novels? I’ve written some of my best short fiction ever. I saw some great birds and went on a couple of great scuba trips.  I got to spend a couple of days in Toronto on the set of The Expanse watching filming — and I can’t say any more about it than that because of the NDA. But it was amazing and I learned a ton.

I hit another milestone this year:  I sold a story to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. “To the Beautiful Shining Twilight” is now available in the Jan/Feb 2019 issue:

This is a milestone because I’ve been sending stories to F&SF since 1990, and this is my first sale to the magazine. Twenty-eight years, I’ve been submitting to this market. It’s a bit of shock seeing my name on the cover. But here we are.

I still have other milestones on my list. We’ll see if I can get to those, too.

Happy New Year!




4 Responses to “one last hurrah for 2018”

  1. Jazzlet. Says:

    Happy New Year to your too!

    I quite understand that you may not want to share your struggles here, but I hope you have people around who you can share them with, trying to bull though them alone is not good.

  2. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Happy New Year to you Carrie! Congratulations on your F&SF sale!

  3. Sarah Peterson Says:

    Hi Carrie. I agree with Thomas and Jazzlet , happy new year and well done with the short story:) I hope all your pieces fall into place, it’s a great feeling when they do. I would write if I had more focus and time (the joys of having 5 kids in the house) all I do is have a great idea pop into my head, then I write a 2 line description and title for this story in a notebook called mommy’s book ideas, then it just stays there. in comparison, you’re doing really well, lol. don’t worry hon, it will all work out. oh, if you haven’t seen bohemian rhapsody- you should. sorry, been on a queen kick lately. why did Freddie have to die, tear… he was so talented…

  4. carriev Says:

    Thanks guys. I know things’ll work out, the day to day is just a bit muddled sometimes.

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