2018 in review – new fiction published

December 18, 2018

Here is it, my year in review — all the new fiction I published.


The Wild Dead, the sequel to my Philip K. Dick Award-Winning Bannerless, July 2018.


“A Broken Thread in a Dark Room,” Wild Cards: One-Eyed Jacks (reprint edition), Tor Books, August 2018

“Where Would You Be Now,” Tor.com, Feb 2018

“Harry and Marlowe and the Secret of Ahomana,” Lightspeed Magazine, Sept 2018

“The Huntsman and the Beast,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, Sept/Oct 2018

Short Stories:

“Closer to the Sky,” Mechanical Animals, ed. Selena Chambers and Jason Heller, Nov 2018

“The Island of Beasts,” Nightmare Magazine, Dec. 2018


For some reason I felt like I hadn’t done that much this year. I think because a lot came out just in the last couple months. Another thing I notice — more novelettes than short stories. So, more “longer” short fiction than usual.  I’m not sure this is even really a trend, since the fiction that came out this year was written over the last several. (“The Secret of Ahomana” and “Closer to the Sky” were written several years ago, for example, and the editors held on to them for various reasons. And then “The Island of Beasts” was maybe six or so months between writing and publication.) When some of it finally gets published is often chance and happenstance.

All that said, my fiction production still seems really consistent. I tell people I can write a novel and a half and six short stories in a year. And here ya go.


One Response to “2018 in review – new fiction published”

  1. Marie Irshad Says:

    Hello, I finished reading The Wild Dead on Monday and loved it! I enjoy the Bannerless world so much. Looking forward to catching up with the rest of your work soon!

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