furnace weather

September 26, 2018

A sure sign of autumn in Colorado:  the furnace came on this morning. The house smells like heat. Time to get out sweaters, maybe.

In other news, yesterday I rather suddenly and unexpectedly finished the second of the 3/4 finished manuscripts from The Year of Stalled Projects. This feels a lot better than I was expecting. It means I have a novel draft. It’s no longer abandoned. I no longer have to worry about how I’m going to go back and piece together what I was trying to do, which gets harder the more time passes. Finishing this was an unexpected victory when I kind of needed one.

This one, I printed it off and read everything over, and much like the other one I could see exactly where I lost confidence in my entire career and started wandering around and not knowing what I was doing. I had 72,000 words, and it was so depressing to not have a complete thing out of all that. So. I cut about 12,000 words out of this one, and rewrote almost the whole second half, then took the voice/tone I had developed in that rewrite and went back over the first half, streamlining and pumping it up. I changed the title. I added chapter headers.

I sent it to my agent.

Now we wait, and now I figure out what to work on next.

Meanwhile, I’m beta reading something that would make lots of you jealous if I told you what it was, and Murphy’s Law of Library Holds means that my library holds all came in this week too. Which means maybe I should curl up with tea and books and just enjoy the fall weather.



3 Responses to “furnace weather”

  1. Vickie Browning Says:

    Definitely time to read. It’s perfect on my back patio that faces the mountains. I can drink my coffee and read and watch my two Doodles patrol the lawn keeping us safe from varmints. I will be switching to tea soon. The rest of the house likes it warm at night so I will be sleeping with the window in my room open once the AC is turned off.
    Hope you can share the beta read soon. Curious minds and all that.

  2. Jo Anne Says:

    Sounds like a step in the right direction!

  3. David Hack Says:

    Trudging away at work trying to explain healthcare plans for 2019, to eighty-five year olds and older; bogging down in agonizing repetition.

    Hey, I forgot to check Carries blog today… lo and behold at great and satisfying post. Thanks.

    It sounds like over the past two years your trunk novel work has given you a significant writer’s subconscious upgrade.

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