So. I’ve been doing a thing.

August 15, 2018

So yeah. I did a thing. Am doing a thing. It’s… well. Like so many things that get entirely out of hand, it started as a joke. A single sentence over on Facebook. It turned into… well.

I’ve been writing some fanfiction. In public.

G.I. Joe fanfic.

Or more accurately, Cobra fanfic.

I’ve collected it all on one link so it’s easier to find. I will add more.


And, weirdly, it’s making me feel better. Maybe it’ll make you feel better too.


3 Responses to “So. I’ve been doing a thing.”

  1. Carbonman Says:

    LOVE IT!
    Carrie’s doing satire as an exercise to save her mental health. She needs to do a science fiction satire a la Harry Harrison and publish it for our (your fans and the world in general) mental health. So badly needed…

  2. Thomas Stacey Says:

    I have really been enjoying these and they do make me feel a bit better about the current state of affairs too. Amazing what starts off from a single sentence and/or a joke. Hope these stay fun and keep helping you feel better.

  3. Re Harrisson Says:

    Thank you. As someone who isn’t too familiar with GI Joe, I really enjoyed them! 🙂

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