weird movie categories

August 6, 2018

So yesterday I discovered my friends and I have yet another weird metric for rating films. You know, like:

“Is this spaceship crew dumber than the crew of Prometheus, yes or no?”

“Would this have made a better Dungeons and Dragons movie than the actual Dungeons and Dragons movie?”

Categories like this are surprisingly useful for ranking and comparing films. Well, yesterday I realized I have this habit of dragging my friends to science fiction movies they’ve never heard of, sometimes with less-than-stellar results. “Why did you make us watch this, Carrie, whhyyyyyyyyyyy?????????”

Which gives us the category:

“Was this unpublicized SF film Carrie dragged us to better or worse than Snowpiercer?”

You see, they still haven’t forgiven me for making them watch Snowpiercer. Sigh.

(The film we saw was The Darkest Minds, which turned out to be a very trope-y YA dystopia story clearly heavily influenced by The X-Men. Wait for cable.)


4 Responses to “weird movie categories”

  1. David Hack Says:

    My friends will say after those movies, “Well, that was a Dave movie.”

    I can’t resist, regarding your book storage/protection needs. This guy up in Ft Collins has an ongoing addiction to various kinds of Barrister bookcases, and often has some very good deals. I bought an antique secretary barrister from him about a year ago.

    Or if you really wanted to go over the top, and have a spot for your forthcoming Hugo, there is this place in Lexington Nebraska.

  2. I know you didn’t like Snowpiercer, but thought you might be interested in this review of it, which argues that the film is a condemnation of Ayn Rand/Objectivist ideals. I haven’t seen Snowpiercer, but the review kind of makes me curious.

  3. Using the crew of “Prometheus” as a test for group intelligence is the Mendoza Line of science fiction. You never want to be close to or below that line. 🙂

  4. A.M. Lynn Says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I still want to see SNOWPIERCER.

    Prometheus’ crew can forever remain off my list of comparisons, however.

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