business cards

July 30, 2018

I ordered new business cards and decided to just go full-on bragging on them. I almost didn’t. Then I thought, why the heck not?

business card brag

You can also see the spots on my keyboard that I’ve just plain worn out.


5 Responses to “business cards”

  1. Jo Anne Says:

    You should brag! You deserve to.

  2. Carbonman Says:

    You’re entitled to self promotion – you are a full time professional author. That’s no mean feat!
    PS. You need a spiffy logo on your cards, maybe a snarling (were)wolf or a nice pen and ink portrait of you.

  3. Rebecca C J Wagner Says:

    Oh, I know!!! A pen and quill where the quill feathers look like a wolf.

  4. carriev Says:

    I kinda like the minimalist take. The backs of the cards are covers of various books.

  5. I love them. I want to make some business cards of my own and I just love your typed font.

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