Midsomer Murders

July 2, 2018

So yes, I am currently binge watching yet another British cozy mystery TV series on Netflix, along with I think half the people I know. And for much the same reason I binge-watched Poirot and Miss Fisher — Barnaby is just so comforting to be around. It also reminds me of living in the UK in the 90’s (I’m still on the early seasons which are set in the 90’s). After not very many episodes of these, one does start to draw conclusions.

1. I can’t help but think Hot Fuzz wasn’t just a parody of all cozy mystery series set in the English countryside, it’s actually straight-up a parody of Midsomer Murders, isn’t it? It’s the body count in each one that does it, I think.

2. I want to know more about why Sgt. Troy has an X-Files poster hanging in his bedroom.

3. Where I’m at in season three we’ve got to the point that all cozy mystery series eventually get to, some sooner rather than later, where the detective goes visiting relatives in order to find new murders to solve. That Barnaby is an actual homicide detective and yet still encounters dead bodies while innocently visiting aunts and things makes this trope particularly noteworthy here. I think Jessica Fletcher still holds the record for having the most relatives innocently and tangentially involved in murders.

4. Everyone was so excited to tell me about the birdwatching episode (which I haven’t got to yet) that they failed to mention the episode with the excruciating writing group that appears to include Lady Catherine de Bourgh (it isn’t her, I looked it up, but the mere thought of such a thing gave me nightmares).

5. Over the last couple of years I’ve binged Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Poirot, and now Midsomer Murders, and I have come to the inescapable conclusion that my own detective, Enid of Haven, has more in common with Tom Barnaby than either of the others. I believe this is mostly because the Coast Road more resembles the post-Thatcherite English countryside than it does jazz-age Europe or Melbourne.

Make of that what you will.


4 Responses to “Midsomer Murders”

  1. wiredwizard Says:

    I’ve gotten a bit addicted to the British murder mysteries. Midsomer Murders, Sherlock, Father Brown, Vera, Inspector Morse, The Coroner, Inspector Lewis. All way more enjoyable to watch than north american produced mystery shows except maybe for Murdoch Mysteries…

  2. jazzlet Says:

    For those of us of a certain age John Nettles will always be Bergerac. I do enjoy Midsomer Murders, though I like the later ones with the new Barnaby rather better than the earlier ones.

    wiredwizard if you enjoy those look out for Foyle’s War, Inspector George Gently and on a far lighter note Murder in Paradise. The latter has a continuing cast with the suspects changing from week to week and like Midsomer Murders has featured many classic British actors over the years.

  3. Seconding the recommendation for Foyle’s War. ^_^

  4. merrytravels Says:

    We have the same taste in TV! There is something so comforting about British Murder Mysteries. I have watched all 19 seasons multiple times (yes, I have a life, but it does include lots of Midsomer) I am so glad I am not the only American who finds these shows soothing.
    I also love Morse, Lewis, and Johnathan Creek

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