Ocean’s Eight

June 11, 2018

So it turns out the rabid fanbois only care if something is gender flipped when it’s out of their own childhoods. Which only goes to prove that their mindsets are frozen at age 12. Ah well.

I liked it. It starts slow and Deb (Danny Ocean’s sister) is kind of unlikable to begin with. But she acquires charm later on. Mostly, like the other installments in the series, this is about watching a number of very good, charismatic actors with a ton of chemistry work together. They’re all great. The heist is a pretty good puzzle, mostly clever with some neat twists, but also reliant on some technological handwaving that you just kind of have to get over.

But one of my favorite parts was a line of dialog in passing that went meta:  “We’re doing this for the little girls who are watching who might want to be criminals some day. Let’s do it for them.”



4 Responses to “Ocean’s Eight”

  1. caericarclight Says:

    These days – due to money, time, general dislike of the public – I pretty much only go to the theater for the “big” movies – superheroes and Star Wars and other 3D CGI extravaganzas.

    But dagnabit, I’ve loved Sandra Bullock since before she ever went to Taco Bell with Sly or rode a bus with Keanu so you bet your bippy I went to this one and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. carriev Says:

    She’s really good. In this one she won me over with the ranting in German. “In the freezer!”

  3. Thomas Stacey Says:

    This sounds like a fun movie and one I’d like to see. I liked the others and even if it is gender flipped, as you mentioned the main character is related to the Danny from the main series anyways.

  4. Carbonman Says:

    I don’t care if genders are flipped as long as the story isn’t ruined. Angelina Jolie was excellent in ‘Salt’, which was apparently written for a male lead.
    I’m more concerned when a title, good story and premise is taken and torn apart. The movie ‘Jumper’ is a prime example, as is ‘Impulse’. (Yep, I’m a Steven Gould fan).

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