June 8, 2018

Spent the morning setting up the new monitor I got yesterday. It took so long because I couldn’t convince the computer that the new monitor was really there and talking to the right driver, so it did that thing where it was trying to fit a square image on a wide screen… and well anyway it’s all good now. Whoa, everything is so clear…

I finished and submitted a bunch of work this week, which means the only thing left to revise really is…the 100k word novel. Which it looks like I’m going to rewrite most of the second act on. I am daunted. But I’ve made a start. *rolls up sleeves*

And I am in mourning for Anthony Bourdain. He changed what travel and food shows ought to look like. He was also a really good writer — I’ve used passages from Kitchen Confidential in workshops. Watch his shows, yes. But read his books too.

This current world is making it harder for people who are on the edge to keep going. Hold on, peeps. We need you.



One Response to “today”

  1. Carbonman Says:

    Yeah, it was a real WTF moment when the 6AM news came pouring out of the clock radio. Anthony Bourdain’s presentation and content had a bit of a change during the last year or so. Horrified that it led to suicide. I’m sad for the daughter, girlfriend and others he left behind.
    On a brighter note, happy that you have a new monitor. It’s amazing how imaging technology has improved in a relatively short time. Be careful when you do driver updates; your resolution may suddenly default to the old maximum size. It happened to me last night but I managed to fix it after a half hour of cursing and searching for solutions.

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