this book argh!

June 4, 2018

I had a moment this weekend. I’m revising this thing, turning this stalled novel into a novella, and it’s totally the right thing to do. And, wow. I had the moment this weekend. That moment. Where it all comes together and I figured out what was wrong and all the pieces line up and BOOM it’s a story.

That never happened when I was trying to make it a novel. In fact, I appeared to be literally writing in circles, characters going back and forth between a couple of locations, continually asking, “What’s going on? What’s happening?”

In hindsight, I was writing this during The Year of Stalled Projects, and I think I must have known deep down this wasn’t going anywhere as a novel. I stopped working on it entirely when I left my old agent and got my new agent. It’s really frustrating and illuminating looking back on that time through the lens of this mess of a manuscript. I knew, but kept charging ahead anyway.

Guys, I cut over 20,000 words from this in basically one pass. 20k useless words of me spinning my wheels. I’m so, so, so glad this never saw the light of day back when I was working on it before. It was so broken.

And now it’s not. Fingers crossed.



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