Deadpool 2

May 23, 2018

Deadpool 2 is exactly what it says on the tin. If it seems a little less shocking and surprising than the first one, it’s because it isn’t the first one and we know what to expect now. So it was never going to have the same jolt, I think.

It even does that thing the first one did where it’s essentially a basic, conventional superhero story:  our previously lone-wolf hero has to learn to work with a team and become a mentor to a semi-cloying moppet. I’m not really being fair here, Russell is much more than a moppet, I actually like the character. But still, this is a Trope, and now both Deadpool movies have hung their cosmetic subversiveness on really familiar formulae. It’s a bit jarring, at least to me. I’m still grappling with what’s basically a kid-centric story told through this incredibly violent, raunchy, foul-mouthed filter. The more I think of it the weirder it gets.

Oh, and this one thing: BIG SPOILER HERE:




So the movie fridged Vanessa in the first scene and that made me so angry. Because this wasn’t “we’ve killed off beloved characters because we’re telling a good story and we’re setting up something big we promise” of Infinity War.  This was “we can’t figure out how to tell stories about people in stable, happy relationships so we need to kill off the love interest to give the hero angst.”

Except, you know, time travel and they undid it at the end, I guess.

But I still spent a big chunk of the movie being disappointed and frustrated.


3 Responses to “Deadpool 2”

  1. caericarclight Says:

    Oh…the fridge thing. Yeah, that torqued me off so much. Still pretty miffed about it, really.

  2. winterelf2 Says:

    yep, ditto. Pissed so much on that. And the ‘perverts’ for every single nurse in the mutant home.. and no one seemed to care? the cops? no one? And yes, the finally did rescue the kids at the end – as an afterthought! grrrr.

    My friends all were like – loved it how did you like it to me …. and I’m like….. sort of? somethings? pissed about other things? conflicted? complicated. *sigh*

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