Ready Player One

April 9, 2018

It was cute, it was funny. I kind of didn’t want to see it but it turned out fine. It’s a conventional heroic narrative, which made it almost seem quaint? I think all the changes made from the book are good ones done for good reasons, but then I thought the book was facile.

What did drive me utterly gonzo insane was the Manic Pixie Dream Gamer Girl. When Samantha shoves Wade out, telling him he’s their only hope, while she stays behind to get caught, I’m all WHY?! At this point they’ve each figured out a clue to win a key, they’re equally well-equipped to complete the quest, so why is he their only hope? Because he’s the hero and she’s the girlfriend, that’s why.

Also, it bothered me that the Iron Giant was used as a warbot. Just wasn’t right.

The best change I thought was expanding the references beyond “we’re all obsessed with the 80’s” to “we’re all obsessed with the things Halliday was obsessed with” which makes more sense story-wise and expands the available material. The Shining quest was hilarious. And my favorite call-out in the entire thing was the ship from the George Pal War of the Worlds, complete with the creepiest sound effect of all time.

My second favorite was “I choose Gundam.” YES.



One Response to “Ready Player One”

  1. bsdonovan Says:

    Read your posts out of order. Glad you liked it. I planned to see it anyway, but glad to know it passes inspection

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