current TV watching + a book

March 30, 2018

I’m actually kind of stalled out on TV watching for the moment. Distracted by other things, just not interested, I’m not sure what. It’s actually not a bad thing, not being in the mood for TV. I’ve been reading a ton, these past couple of weeks. Of course that may be from all my library holds coming due AT THE SAME TIME. Heh.

Star Trek: Discovery:  I finally finished it, and while I liked a lot of it — the characters, the twist, the novelty of having a clear protagonist with a clear arc rather than the usual ensemble format of Star Trek, it also had a lot that just pissed me off. The soap-opera nature of the drama. So many places where everyone was just dumb as bricks. (Seriously, how many times does Burnham decide that the right thing to do is completely interrupt the very dangerous situation they’re in to go ask someone — usually someone really untrustworthy — about how to handle Klingons? Too many times.)  Really aggravating. Not sure I’m on board for season 2. People keep saying “but the first season of a new Trek is always bad!” Okay. Sure. But I’m afraid that the faults on this one are baked into the show’s ethos.

Jessica Jones season 2:  So, I watched two episodes and was kind of “meh” and wasn’t going to watch any more but I heard it got better so I watched the third, which starts with Jessica and Trish getting rid of a body, and I couldn’t for the life of me remember where or how the body came from. Like, no memory of how they got into this situation in what was clearly a continuation of what happened in the previous episode. And this may be why I’m not watching a lot of TV right now — I’m just not engaged enough to even pay attention.

And Star Wars Rebels is finished. Argh!

Maybe when Legion and The Expanse start back up in a couple of weeks my level of engagement will kick back in.

Oh — the book recommendation:  All Systems Red by Martha Wells. It’s a space opera/cyborg story. A cyborg trying to get along with people who don’t understand it, which is a story we’ve all seen before. But the voice on this one is so good, so distinct and engaging, that it blew me away.

There are apparently sequels on the way. *grabby hands*



5 Responses to “current TV watching + a book”

  1. If your persevered through the Captain Archer chronicles, surely you can make it through another season of Discovery 🙂 My problem with the show has more to do with the CBS all access streaming service…most frustrating viewing experience ever. Netflix, Prime and Hulu come through just fine, but CBS freezes and buffers at least a dozen times each episode, usually at the most suspenseful or action packed moment. It made it really difficult to follow the story. A few episodes, I just turned off, switched to something else and then tried again another day. I still haven’t watched the finale.

  2. bsdonovan Says:

    Bought All Systems Red, and started reading it this morning. Thanks for the recommendation. Really enjoying it. Fast fun read so far.

  3. bsdonovan Says:

    Hey, isn’t she up for a Hugo for that? I think I just read that somewhere.

  4. bsdonovan Says:

    … and just finished it. Well worth the four bucks on Kindle. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. carriev Says:

    Yup! Also a Nebula! Yay!

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