intermediate yoga

March 12, 2018

One of the things I’ve done this year in an effort to push myself is to start going to the intermediate yoga class. The basic one was starting to get a bit boring, which was a really good sign that I was ready to move up. The intermediate class is not boring. No, it’s more like, “Holy cow slow down just a sec wait a minute how are you doing that?!”

Which was what I thought when I first started the basic class, so there ya go.

Today, I had one of those moments where I did a pose that I didn’t think I would ever be able to do. Standing, holding one’s leg straight to the side. I didn’t get it quite straight, but I also didn’t fall over. That felt really good.

There’s an advanced class. I’m not too sure about that. Yet.



One Response to “intermediate yoga”

  1. Carbonman Says:

    I guess it’s “Patience, Grasshopper” or some such thing. I envy your developing yoga capabilities – my body isn’t very flexible.
    Every physical endeavor has a big learning curve for me, as much my muscles learning to work in a certain way as my brain telling them what to do.
    I remember a martial arts instructor having one beginner student after another attack him whatever way they wanted for 2 minutes and he would just block. I was exhausted when my 2 minute turn finished and he’d been defending for 20 minutes! 2 years later I was on the receiving end with new students for the same duration. My body easily did all the work as long as I let it do what I’d learned.
    I’m still amazed at how old non-athletic me can eventually learn new physical skills.

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