February 28, 2018

Just a quick word on the film for thems what’s interested or are trying to decide about seeing it. It’s based on the Nebula-award winning novel by Jeff VanderMeer, which I have read.

The movie is very different. And it frustrated me.  A lot. Mostly because of its reliance on standard horror tropes which made it predictable, and the way in which it seemed to insist on making things concrete, when the book is very much rooted in ambiguity, impermanence, permeable boundaries, etc.  Like, the characters in the movie all have names, which really annoyed me.

I think if I hadn’t read the book first I would have had a very different experience watching it.

More, when I do my long review for Lightspeed.


One Response to “Annihilation”

  1. Tim Says:

    I’ve never read the book but saw the movie based a number of positive reviews. I enjoyed it but, like you, found it predictable and full of sci-fi stereotypes. The ending was particularly weak. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that exact same ending in movies.


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