a new story! and others

February 7, 2018

One of the things I’ve been waiting on is being able to share this:

Where Would You Be Now is a new story of mine on Tor.com.  It’s a prequel to Bannerless by about 60 years, and features a side character from the novel.  I’m pretty excited about it and hope you like it.

A couple of other things:

Here’s a new interview with me, mostly about Martians Abroad and The Wild Dead.

On March 3 I’m going to be at the Colorado Book Festival, signing books and speaking on a panel.

And on March 9 I’m taking part in a Google Hangouts reading and Q&A in support of Read for Pixels, which works to end violence against women. The link goes to the full schedule and instructions.

So yeah, keepin’ busy.


4 Responses to “a new story! and others”

  1. Chele Says:

    Loved “Where Would You Be Now”, thank you for sharing your worlds with us!

  2. jbakerrower Says:

    Just found “The Evening of Their Span of Days” and loved the setup. Any chance you will expand this short story into a novel… Or series?

  3. carriev Says:

    “Evening…” takes place in the same world as a couple of my other space-opera-ish stories (“The Mind is Its Own Place” from Asimov’s last year.) I have a novel idea but it might be awhile before I get to it.

  4. jbakerrower Says:

    Will love it when you do. Thx.

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