monday update

January 29, 2018

It was my birthday yesterday! It was a laid-back birthday weekend, and sometimes that’s okay. Officially tired of winter, even though we need more snow. If it’s going to be cold I at least want there to be snow to go with it. Except that means it’s harder to get out and ride horses. Argh.

The latest secret WiP hit 50,000 words yesterday. So that was nice.

Waiting on a bunch of other stuff. I hate waiting.

I’ve been watching Runaways, and I like it quite a lot. It’s interesting — it’s rather slow paced, because there are five families we’re following, who each have their own foibles and storylines. It’s a lot to pack in, and it takes its time.But it does a pretty good job. (Contrast this with Inhumans, where every single line of dialog was ham-handed exposition. I only made it through two episodes.)

I think the slow pace actually helps ramp up the tension an incredible amount. We know right away something is horribly wrong — and we know the kids are in terrible, terrible danger right from the start. It’s all just waiting to see it hit the fan.  I messaged a friend, “I am so worried about these kids! So worried!”

I think it also helps that I’m not attached to the comic, because the show changes a lot.  I went back to the few issues I have to check. And I have to say, I really like the changes the show makes. It’s more streamlined, the backstories are all firmly established in our world and don’t need the larger context of the Marvel comics universe to explain them the way the comics do.

But the most important thing, the dinosaur Old Lace, is there. And she’s adorable.


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