upcoming events

October 6, 2017

I’m going to be at a few upcoming events:

This Sunday, Oct. 8, at 4:30 the Jean Cocteau Cinema is hosting a Wild Cards event. We’ve been doing these for a couple of years now and it always makes for a chaotic fun time. There’s not a lot of info on the page, but the event is ticketed, I believe.

October 27-29 is MileHi Con, here in Denver.

November 11, 7 pm, at the BookBar in Denver, I’ll be taking part in a new SciFi Reading series.

And a reminder that November 24-26, I’m Author Guest of Honor at Loscon in L.A.

I think that about covers it for now.

In other news, yes, I’ve seen Blade Runner 2049, and I liked it just fine. Not sure it’s the unmitigated masterpiece everyone says it is — I have some quibbles, the biggest one being that the third act goes a little wobbly and drags. But it’s definitely worth seeing.  The biggest thing is it feels like a Blade Runner movie should.  I’ll be writing what I expect will be an awfully long review for Lightspeed, so the rest of my thoughts will have to wait until next month.



2 Responses to “upcoming events”

  1. Tim Says:

    Just saw the movie and echo your comments. The biggest problem I had was the sound. The theater was literally shaking from all the base volume. For me, it was overdone and very distracting.

  2. Carbonman Says:

    I have 2 beefs with the new Blade Runner movie; the bass in the ‘background music’ was so extended and loud that the theater literally shook, and the pacing of most scenes was so incredibly slooow that it robbed the energy from the film. Most scenes should have been about 15% faster/shorter. The word that came to mind as we left the theater was ‘ponderous’.
    It’s not as if I didn’t get the story; I saw the original when it was first released in 1982 and read the book in about 1970. My wife hated that Deckard didn’t show up until 2/3 of the way through!

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