Friday update

September 8, 2017

So much going on. The good news, things are starting to feel normal again, for the values of normal in which I never get enough done but at least time seems to be moving normally and I can start thinking more than two weeks out. I’m able to get my bullet journal back on track, and when I’m a bit more prepared, I want to do a post on bullet journals. Particularly my own personal style of ugly bullet journal, which I think no one talks about enough.  I keep hearing people say they don’t want to try bullet journaling because all the pictures are so neat and pretty and artistic and who has time for that? Well I certainly don’t, which is why my bullet journal is an ugly mess. But I love it anyway.

It’s been a rough week in news, though, and kind of hard to stay focused. Basically, the prequel to Bannerless is playing out in real time, with multiple high-category storms brewing all over the world, entire regions flooding out, or burning out, and no signs of any of it getting better.  In my world, I’m thinking of our flood of 2013 and what that would have looked like as snow. Nine feet of snow, basically. It could happen. That’s what a major disaster would look like here. It would mean not leaving the house for a week, and making sure there actually still is a house at the end of it. Roofs cave in, with that much snow.

Time to get that survivalist stash up to par. I should probably get some more propane cans for the camp stove.

In the meantime:

Infinity Wars, ed. by Jonathan Strahan, is out next week. This includes my story “The Evening of Their Span of Days,” which in my usual sideways take on anthology themes isn’t directly about war. More on that later.

I know what I’m working on next. It’ll be good.

And my niece declared what she wants to be for Halloween this year:  Heihei, the bug-eyed chicken from Moana. Right, we are totally going to make this happen. It’ll be great.

*rolls up sleeves*



One Response to “Friday update”

  1. wynwords Says:

    Please share about bullet journalling… I’m not familiar with it but is sounds interesting as long as it doesn’t have to be pretty

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