Star Wars: The Power of Costume

August 14, 2017

So this is from last December, when the Star Wars: The Power of Costume exhibit came to the Denver Art Museum. I can’t remember if I talked about it at all. But it was really cool to see some of the classic costumes up close, and realize things like Emperor Palpatine’s cloak is made from waffle weave cotton. Heh.  I know the local Star Wars cosplay groups, like the Rebel Legion and 501st, were in heaven.

Just a couple of pics:

The crowd around this one was always thick. It became something of a shrine in the days after Carrie Fisher’s passing.

From a costuming perspective, the cool thing I learned about this iconic outfit:  the body of the dress is one piece. It’s made like a classic SCA T-tunic, the length of fabric draped over the shoulders, with only two seams up the sides, continuing to form the sleeves. The collar and hood are added and fasten in the back.  It’s wonderfully simple and very 70’s when you look at the lines of it out of the context of the film.

This display just made me really happy:

Finn and Rey, BFFs!  And once again, deceptively simple. Much of these costumes are found pieces, patched together.

Mostly what I really loved was the chance to look at costumes, and Star Wars, in the context of art. It’s all art!


One Response to “Star Wars: The Power of Costume”

  1. howardbrazee Says:

    I really enjoyed it as well.

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