Filling the Well

trip prep!


As I might have mentioned ten or twenty times this summer, I’m up for a Hugo Award for Best Short Story for “That Game We Played During the War.”  The voting deadline passed a week ago, and by now the votes have all been tallied and the winners decided. The rest of us won’t find out until August 11, however.  I AM VERY EXCITED.  I have no idea if I’ll win. Really, it doesn’t matter, because it really is a big deal to be a finalist at all, and I get to go to the party in any case.

I love an excuse to get all dressed up and make a night of it. This is an excellent excuse. I found a dress that makes me look like Lena Luthor on Supergirl (I’m not even kidding about that), got some cool accessories, and today I’m getting only my second pedicure ever so that even my toes will look fancy.

Did I mention I’m very excited?

I’ll try to get lots of pictures on the big night.