Filling the Well

I’m so not good at these blog headings


Other people do song lyrics and clever sayings and I’m all like, “Yeah, it’s Monday.”

BANNERLESS has been out for two weeks! I can breathe now. What a lovely feeling. So the answer is no, having a new book out never really gets to be routine. It’s always a big deal.

And then an ACTUAL IRISH WOLFHOUND showed up to Kevin and my signing last week. So cool!

I have my next writing project underway, a short story, that I’m hoping to get done before I leave for Europe. Go go go!

Speaking of…I think my biggest detail left to decide is whether to bring the small suitcase or the big one. The big one, right? Then I can buy more yarn.  I understand the airport in Iceland has a yarn store. Scandinavian wool, people. Mraowr.

Check out the blog on the official Wild Cards website — lots of new posts and insider essays.

Amaryllis and Other Stories got a really nice review in Asimov’s. Compared to Gregory Benford and Ursula K. LeGuin? I’ll take it!