July 12, 2017

It’s finally here!  My post-apocalyptic murder mystery, BANNERLESS, hit bookstores yesterday. (And amusingly, one of its Amazon categories is “Women Sleuths.” I like that.) Early buzz is good, and my FB feed yesterday filled with cover images, which is nice.

Lots of links to share:

It’s also the book birthday for Kevin Hearne’s new Iron Druid book BESIEGED, and we’ll be doing a joint event at the Barnes and Noble in Boulder on July 18!

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The editor’s announcement has all the links for buying, plus lots of reviews.

Clarkesworld published an interview with me about the novel.

BANNERLESS made a number of “must-read SF in July” lists:  B&N’s Bookseller picks, The Verge, and io9.

Here’s an in-depth 5 star review from Anthony R. Cardno.

This is my 21st published novel.

And I just turned in number 22.



6 Responses to “BANNERLESS is here!”

  1. Jo Anne Says:


  2. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Congratulations! I will snag my copies of Banerless and Besieged at the event so I can promptly get them both signed.

  3. Joseph Delinski Says:

    I am loving your book, It is like sitting down to a full glorious meal after living on the wonderful tasty snacks on kindle unlimited. A thought keeps striking me, do you have a map of the Coast Road?

  4. Matthew S. Rotundo Says:


  5. Anthony Says:

    Obviously, I loved the original short story and the novel. I can’t wait to see more in this world!

  6. carriev Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

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