music for Bannerless

June 28, 2017

I’ve talked about this before, that while the Kitty novels all have comprehensive playlists, most of my other books just have one inspirational or unifying theme song.  This is also true of Bannerless.  It’s a song that popped up on one of my Pandora playlists, and every time it did, particularly while I was writing the book, it struck into my heart.  It was so evocative and haunting, and seemed to capture exactly the tone I wanted with the novel.  By the time I was wrapping up the final revisions, I had purchased the entire album it came from and set it on repeat. But this song, the first track on the album, remained The One. If this ever becomes a TV show, I imagine this in the opening credits.

Dead Can Dance’s “The Arrival and the Reunion,” from the album Aion.

Bannerless is due out July 11.



2 Responses to “music for Bannerless”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    Bonus points for the Bosch album cover art.

    FYI it is crazy insane what you can get from this place…×8

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