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June 9, 2017

In preparation for my trip to Iceland, I’m reading Egil’s Saga, one of the classic medieval tales about Norsemen getting into feuds and viking raids and settling Iceland. Pretty dang awesome. I read this one and Njal’s Saga in college, and I remember liking Egil’s better — more adventure and less outright murder and burning down of houses with old people inside and that kind of thing. I’m hoping to visit the homestead of Snorri Sturluson, the purported author of the saga, when I’m in Iceland.

And then there’s my fun reading:

kanan comics



One Response to “current reading”

  1. Benjamin Thomas Says:

    Coincidentally, I just completed a trip to Iceland last week. Amazing history and fascinating history to be sure. be sure to pack clothes for cold, wind, rain, and more wind and rain…:)

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