so I have a question

May 19, 2017

But first a couple of things:

The Colorado Book Awards reception and celebration is Sunday!  My collection Amaryllis and Other Stories is a finalist in the genre category. Tickets are available on the website!

I’ve been watching my favorite osprey pair valiantly protecting their four nearly-hatched eggs from all the snow we got yesterday. Oh my goodness!

And now for my question. So I was cruising Netflix earlier this week when I discovered a Disney show called Lab Rats.  It’s a teen sitcom of the usual Disney variety, super goofy and aimed at 13 year olds. And…I kind of love it. I mean, I would have adored it when I was 13. But even now, I binged like 10 episodes before I even knew what was happening.

It’s about Leo, whose mother has just married a billionaire inventor ala Tony Stark except more like Tony Stark as played by Jon Cryer.  And he’s exploring the smart house mansion when he discovers three bionic kids living in the basement. Like, goofy Tony Stark has been performing totally unethical human experimentation on children in the basement and no one ever says anything about it. But Leo convinces Tony (Donald actually, but you know) that Adam, Bree, and Chase should be allowed to go to school and have normal kid experiences.  And also if he has bionic step-siblings at school the bullies will leave him alone.

I KNOW RIGHT?! Isn’t this the most amazing setup?  The comedy is on par with Weird Al and Spaceballs, and the kid actors are complete earnest and gung-ho and I kind of love them all. The show is all about family, which I also love. Leo and the three bionic kids instantly bond and it’s just so sweet.

I’m sort of bemused about the whole thing, really.

There’s another Disney show, Mighty Med, about two geek teens who discover a secret hospital for superheroes, which is also an amazing concept, but I only got a couple of episodes into that one because it seems more mean-spirited than Lab Rats, with a lot of the humor coming from making fun of its characters rather than growing out of their antics. Apparently last year they took characters from both shows to make a new one, which I haven’t seen yet.

Anyway, my question:  Has anyone else watched this?  Maybe anyone with 13 year old kids?  Is this really as fun as I think it is or am I just crazy and reverting to my childhood self?



4 Responses to “so I have a question”

  1. Tim Schmidt Says:

    I watched Lab Rats a while ago and I remember having this strange feeling while watching the episodes. The kid me was thinking how cool this was while the adult me was thinking this scientist seriously belongs in prison somewhere.


  2. Joseph Delinski Says:

    I have not watched this. I am a 70 year old retired trucker. But, I will try it, this is one of the reasons I follow my many “favorite” authors in their blogs. I have found that audience targeting may affect advertizing more than the actual audience.


  3. I had to keep my nephew over Xmas break and all we did was watch this show ALL DAY. It was adorable and I got all caught up on two seasons of it and you are not wrong. It is a super cute show. My fav is the principal of the school. She is terrifying and hysterical. My nephew is nine. I liked how the bionic kids struggled with we-must-save-the-world! and we-just-want-to-be-normal. If you have time, watching the rest of it is worth it.

  4. carriev Says:

    I just finished season one and the introduction of Marcus the sociopath. I was thinking at some point they’d need to introduce a Big Bad. Here it is!

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