May 3, 2017

That thing where you’ve been working on the same Word file for three months and even though you’re finished with it (for now) you keep trying to open it by reflex instead of the new thing you’re working on.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 tix acquired for tomorrow. I’m so excited! This has been a tough one to stay spoiler-free on. I’m even trying to stay spoiler free on the Awesome Mix so I can see the songs in situ as it were, before knowing what they are. (I’ll never forget how hysterical it was when Star Lord comes sweeping around on his jetpacks to the chorus of that awful Piña Colada song, which I never thought I would own because I hate it so much, but there it is.) In fact, I saw an ad for the new Awesome Mix, and accidentally glimpsed the first track listed, and it was like, “Hey Carrie, what song would you most like to see on the new Awesome Mix?” and it was that actual song, so I had to immediately hide the screen before I saw anything else.

I love being a fan of something. My fandoms are getting me through the current political climate.

And then, we have the diametric opposite of GotG Vol. 2, which is Alien: Covenant, a franchise that I’m so burned out on that I can’t even be bothered to really pay attention to the trailer. The thing looks dead to me. Not just dead, but smashed up roadkill that’s been driven over for a week and yet is somehow still recognizable as the squirrel that it used to be but you’re not even sad anymore, you’re just disgusted, and not even the crows and magpies will go near it.

So no, I’m not planning on seeing Alien: Covenant.



2 Responses to “downtime”

  1. Carbonman Says:

    We have tickets for the 2D showing at noon on Saturday. It should be lots of fun.
    Whether we see Alien: Covenant depends on what the reviews say, and how they say it. There will be lots of other choices this Summer if it isn’t up to snuff.

  2. GotG 2 may not be as high on my must-see list as it is on yours, but it is there. 🙂

    Alien: Covenant only looks appealing because the creature designs hearken back to the original film’s more than any of the other sequels have done — definitely the same aesthetic, but closer to what Giger was probably trying to achieve.

    My girlfriend and I are probably the only ones for whom Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is at the top of the summer movie list. Also, Spider-Man: Homecoming looks like it could be fun.

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