Beauty and the Beast

April 7, 2017

So I did go see it. It turns out, I really like musicals, and the live-action version of this feels a lot more like a classic musical than the animated version did, for some reason.

It was sweet, it was charming. It didn’t blow me away and I kind of wanted it to. The SFX are amazing — I kept forgetting one of the main characters is essentially computer generated. Neat trick. A great supporting cast, which is exactly what you want in this sort of thing. Disney still has a thing for dead mothers.

But the real takeaway from this is I am now officially obsessed with Dan Stevens. That man has the most expressive face.

Bonus trivia:  The actress who plays the Enchantress also plays Elinor in the same Sense and Sensibility where Dan Stevens plays Edward.  MIND BLOWN.



3 Responses to “Beauty and the Beast”

  1. silverfox57 Says:

    The Enchantress is the same actress who play Nanny McPhee…. so when you need her, but don’t want her, she must stay. When you want her, but no longer need her, she must go.

    So the Prince had a visit from Nanny McPhee and a lesson to be learned.

  2. carriev Says:

    It’s Mrs. Potts who who is the same actress as Nanny McPhee — Emma Thompson?

  3. That classic-film vibe you mentioned is part of why I loved Disney’s live-action Jungle Book last year, too (although, despite the presence of two songs within the body of that film, it’s decidedly not so much a musical) — in many ways, it felt like what the 1967 cartoon should have been.

    That being the case, as I mentioned earlier, I still prefer the animated Disney Beauty and the Beast, though this version did put in an admirable effort.

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