movies…or not

March 27, 2017

I haven’t been going to a lot of movies lately. Busy with other things, underwhelmed by current offerings. What am I not seeing?

Life:  Oh hell no. Monster in space rehash. Nothing about the trailers interest me. When are movie astronauts going to learn not to poke the squicky pseudopod?

Kong: Skull Island:  I’ve actually been hearing pretty good things about this. And, you know, Tom Hiddleston.  But it just seems so loud.

Power Rangers:  Or as the trailers suggest, The Breakfast Club: The Gritty Reboot.  I have absolutely no nostalgic attachment to the Power Rangers.  In fact, along with The X-Files, it was one of the shows that started up right before I left for my year abroad in the U.K., and I was shocked to return home and discover it had somehow gotten mega-popular in my absence. (Ah, the days before ubiquitous internet…) I didn’t get it. Oddly enough though, I’m getting good reports about this one as well. Still not inclined to go see it.

Beauty and the Beast:  I may actually go see this. I haven’t decided. Again, I have no real emotional attachment to the original animated film.  It may turn out that I’m such a sucker for ornate costumes and musicals and fairy tales that I go see this like a junkie looking for a hit.  Plus, Dan Stevens of Legion is the Beast?  That intrigues me.

Also, if you’re a fan of Disney’s version of Beauty and the Beast, and you have not read Robin McKinley’s first novel Beauty, you should go do so immediately. And then quietly reflect on the fact it came out a dozen years before and think to yourself, wait a minute… 



5 Responses to “movies…or not”

  1. Tim Schmidt Says:

    The only 1 of your list that I’ve seen is Beauty and the Beast. I enjoyed it but felt it was uneven in quality. There are parts of it that are marvelous, Gascon in the tavern for example, and parts that dropped the ball. I felt the iconic dance between Belle and the beast was particularly poorly done (IMHO).
    I read Beauty years ago. So long that I don’t really remember it. Guess I’ll have to find it and read it again.


  2. LupLun Says:

    I thought the remake was generally better than the original, actually, and the dance is one of the major reasons why. Maybe it was the way it was shot, or maybe the fact that I’m not a kid anymore, but what occurred to me was, you have this huge, extravagant ballroom, fit for a grand ball with a cast of thousands… and here are these two people, utterly alone inside it. It’s a hauntingly beautiful image, especially given loneliness is one of the film’s major themes.

  3. sarah peterson Says:

    Hey Carrie, happy Monday. Took my girls to see Beauty, and overall I would say it was enjoyable. I haven’t seen too many movies lately either. Last night while watching tv, I was super stoked when I happened to find Mystery Science Theatre on an obscure local cable channel. Enjoying life’s simple pleasures, lol.

  4. winterelf2 Says:

    I saw Kedi (turkish documentary) about cats recently and REALLY liked it. All about Cats, love, caring for animals, more cats, city life, colorful characters and more cats 🙂 Like you, I wasn’t feeling up to dealing with an overwhelming, overloud movie. So I went to a little quiet art house movie and was pleasantly surprised. Kedi was uplifting and I felt de-stressed and happy upon leaving the theater.

  5. I lost any interest in Life when the trailer started quoting Goodnight Moon like it was meant to be something profound — because that’s just what a monster movie needs, unwarranted pomposity.

    As for Kong, I’d say it’s no louder than Godzilla was. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, more interesting human characters. It’s nice to be reminded that, as funny as John C. Reilly can be, he is also a quite capable actor.

    I saw Beauty and the Beast last night with my girlfriend. I’d say it was at its best whenever it was trying to be its own version of the story, rather than trying to replicate the animated one. My girlfriend enjoyed it more than the animated version, but I still maintain a preference for the animated.

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