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March 24, 2017

So I recently lined up all my editions of the first six Wild Cards books. The reissue of #6, Ace in the Hole, just came out from Tor. I’ve got mine!

So awesome. Up top are the original, wacky airbrushed collage covers. I love those so much. I realize they’re a bit dated now, but they’re very 1980’s and I think they really evoke the tone of the books:  stylish, moody, full of intriguing characters and surreal hints of darkness. The reason I picked up Wild Cards in the first place was because of those covers, which didn’t look like anything else on the shelves at the time. Credits say the art is by Stan Watts while the border is by Frank Riley.

On book 6 the series changed to a more comic-book style illustration depicting more literal scenes. I was never a fan of these. Too cartoonish to me, and they never captured the mood the way those earlier covers did.  These are by Timothy Truman.

I understand I’m in the minority opinion on this, and that a lot of folks never liked the first edition illustrations as much. Bantam re-issued the first five books with new covers by Truman. I don’t have those. But I pick up copies of the originals whenever I stumble across them in used bookstores, and then give them away with impunity.

Next row:  the British editions, and the amazing covers by Brian Bolland.  Such great character pieces, with enough mood to evoke what you’ll find inside.

And now, the Tor editions with the really amazing art by Michael Komarck. And what’s so interesting is that, like the original UK covers, these feature individual characters. But they’re action shots, not portraits. They combine all the impulses of the previous iterations of covers.

And isn’t it interesting that Wraith is the only one who has two covers? Something about chicks in bikinis, I guess.  Wait, no!  Puppetman also has two. Almost three!  (The new volume six is almost another portrait of Gregg Hartmann. Except that’s actually the horrible Mackie Messer emerging through his campaign poster. I hate that guy.)


7 Responses to “my collection”

  1. Victor Carroll Says:

    ….. like your book “Discord’s Apple”, you don’t want to miss “The Parthenon Code”…much like you, I research quite a lot from the Greek era of 2300 years ago and even before the great Flood of Noah’s day…
    ….I’ve pretty much zeroed in on what’s about to happen on this planet within the next 21 years…
    ….Today’s theologians stay blind-sided by ignoring biblical references, but a few are waking-up from reading the “Parthenon Code” as well as from paying attention to what’s being unearthed by archeologists about ATG…
    …Pitiful…so many American young men prissing around wearing earrings, when they should be training for battle…years ago I was stationed near Greece (USAF)…and near the site of Troy…Let me know if you want to analyze a video which explains the “Why” about what’s happening when you key-up “FYROM”…check it out…and, if you say so, I’ll send you a video that’ll hold you riveted…

    –‘Vic Carroll….

  2. carriev Says:

    You do know that wearing earrings and training for battle are not mutually exclusive?

  3. Victor Carroll Says:

    …Will writing about Greek gods/goddesses and reading The Parthenon Code be mutually exclusive?..You won’t think so…shortly, I’m gonna buy a batch of your books for my 13-year old niece…
    …Better key-up The Parthenon Code and learn about what those gods & goddesses on the metopes were up to–I’m betting that your best writing lies ahead of you…

    —Vic Carroll

  4. Victor Carroll Says:

    I’ll get you the video just as soon as I get to McDonald’s for coffee.. thanks for your reply…

    —Vic Carroll….

  5. Victor Carroll Says:

    …let me know if you want me to explain the FYROM connection with what’s happening here 2300 years ago between M and Persia (Iran) … about to be repeated these days soon with ATG as the coming Beast-of-Revelation .

  6. Victor Carroll Says:

    …Carrie– keep in mind here the Genesis Serpent connection and that ATGs mother was Not the demure tame woman seen here, but instead slept with snakes and Phillip was Not ATGs father…mythology made real…you have to imagine what happened in earth’s atmosphere before Pentecost…other than that, this film is an accurate depiction of the times foretold in Daniel…chapters 7 to 11…history is about to repeat itself…Vic Carroll

  7. Susan Says:

    The Williamson Lectureship theme this year is Reimagining the Hero: Celebrating 30 years of Wild Cards with Melinda Snodgrass and Michael Cassutt as the guests of honor this coming Friday (April 7th). I was hoping you would come. Here is the link to the lectureship Facebook page:

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