Announcing: Refuge of Dragons

March 20, 2017

FAQ: Will there ever be a sequel to Voices of Dragons?

Answer: Yes.

This was one of the results of the Year of Stalled Projects, and I’m happy to finally announce its launch into the world. It’s hatched! It’s a dragon!  A couple of things to know:

  1. It’s only e-book for now. If there’s enough demand I might release it in print, but right now my choices were “release now as e-book only” or “put on back burner again,” and I chose the former.
  2. It’s a short novel, or a long novella. About 42,000 words for them what counts. So if it seems short…it is. Which makes publishing as an e-book an even better option. And I also think it tells a whole story. It’s the length it needs to be.

I hope you like it. I hope this ties up some loose ends, and that your heart races just a little bit at some of the trouble Kay and Artegal get into.  And I’ve already said too much…

Thank you for your patience.

Kindle link

Nook link (And the Nook link is finally live!)

iBooks link

4 Responses to “Announcing: Refuge of Dragons”

  1. Re Says:

    Thank you! And thank you so much for making it the right length. I’ve just read a book that should have been much shorter.

    But, but, it’s Monday. I won’t have time to read this until Saturday. At least I have a reward coming up. I hope the week goes fast.

  2. […] UPDATE:  BOOM! It’s here. REFUGE OF DRAGONS is a book. Sorry it took so long! […]

  3. […] again, REFUGE OF DRAGONS is finally off my desk and out in the world. This pleases me so greatly. Thanks again for your […]

  4. Angelina Alligood Says:

    I cab’t wait for a hard copy.

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