quick post

February 27, 2017

February.  Short, so the end of the month really sneaks up on me. Only two days left! Winter starts being a real drag, spring is still a little ways off, though teasing with new sprouting bulbs and cheerful birds.  I’m cold all the time, and yet gazing longingly at my T-shirts.

At least my fog from the last few weeks is starting to clear. I can tell, because once again my brain is full, my project list has exploded, and I’m excited about it again instead of exhausted.  I’ve got an essay about knitting I want to work on, y’all. That’s where I’m at.

Must attack the to-do list.  Must finish this current batch of projects to make way for MORE PROJECTS.

Boredom has never been one of my problems.



2 Responses to “quick post”

  1. Elaine Keech Says:

    So much yarn, so little time.

  2. Jazzlet Says:

    I was very restrained, I managed to go to my favourite wool shop last week and come away with just two new balls of wool! Oh but it is gorgeous, a Louisa Harding wool/silk in pinks through purples to greens and back again. I have a ball handy to fondle while I decide what little project to do with it.

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