wintery sundry

February 24, 2017

Winter in Colorado:  Went from 70 degrees F to blizzard in two days. Would have been awesome but I had to drive through it. Remember the manta of the Rockies this time of year:  We need the moisture, we need the moisture.

I’m visiting with my niece for a couple of days. She was super excited to show me that she’s learned to snap her fingers.

Of course this means it’s time to teach her to sing the Jet Song.

Her parents will be so pleased!



One Response to “wintery sundry”

  1. caericarclight Says:

    I’m a little jealous. Not so much of the “driving in blizzard” part but just the general “winter” part. We’re pushing 80 degrees today, and even for a somewhat southern part of the country, that’s way too warm. We’re going to be destroyed by insects this summer if things don’t cool off considerably for awhile.

    Of course, with my luck we’ll get our blizzard the same weekend I’m supposed to go to a semi-local horror convention….

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