Hidden Figures

January 27, 2017

I finally finally got to see this one, and it’s earned all the buzz it’s gotten.  Absolutely everybody should see it. It’s just about perfect. Inspiring, but also enraging, and also about SPACE and it’s got plenty of spaceship stuff.

Everybody should see it.  I think it would make a really cool double feature with The Right Stuff.

And it’s a great demonstration of the concept of societal privilege.  In that privilege isn’t about getting extra stuff — it’s about all the crap you don’t have to do, all the hoops you don’t have to jump through because the playing field isn’t level.  It’s about not having to explain yourself every time you walk into a room.

This should win all the awards.  Well, this and Arrival should win all the awards.



One Response to “Hidden Figures”

  1. Vickie Browning Says:

    Ioved loved loved this movie!

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