new year organizing

January 13, 2017

Martians Abroad is out in just a few days!  Argh!  Remember, you can read the first chapter here, and I wrote a little bit about it for Barnes and Noble.

Organizing for the new year.  I’m trying some new things.  Hoping to stay on top of things rather than scrambling to catch up.  Making some little goals, with the intention of feeling more accomplished overall.  Like:

Keeping my desk clear. This is tragically difficult for me since I organize by stacking. But it’s been mostly clear for a week now and I’m really liking it.  Enough to make the effort to keep it this way, I hope.

Straighten up the kitchen before bed. Because mornings are much nicer when I walk into a clear a kitchen, rather than seeing last night’s dirty dishes all piled in the sink.

I started brushing up on my Spanish with Duolingo.  I had five years of Spanish classes under my belt, but that was twenty years ago and I was never entirely proficient.  So far, this seems like a good program for small increments of daily practice.  I can manage ten minutes a day, in that usual down time between when I stop working and start on dinner.  I’m aiming for at least tourist proficiency.

Do better about reporting my birding logs on eBird.  They really do use the data to track bird populations.  I recorded some pretty good logs last year that I just never entered.  I can take that one extra step.  I should.

I started a bullet journal last fall, and it really seems to be kicking into gear with the new year. This is just about the first time I’ve ever jumped on a trendy self-help bandwagon.  But you know what?  It seems to be working.  My desk is no longer covered with sticky note to-do lists.  When I need to write something down to remember it, the journal generally already has a place for it.  Deadlines, release dates, conventions, all the little details I need to remember as part of a freelance gig, plus all the details I want to remember as part of a well-rounded life, are all folded together in one package.  I like it.

And that’s me, getting things put together so I’ll be in better shape for future battles.  Onward.



One Response to “new year organizing”

  1. howardbrazee Says:

    I see you will be at The Tattered Cover Tuesday, reading from it. I don’t think I can make it (besides, you won’t be able to autograph my copy when it downloads)

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