Martians Abroad in 10 days!

January 6, 2017

A have a new novel out in 10 days.  At this point there’s not a whole lot left I can do and I’m entirely stressing about things I have no control over.  You’d think after twenty novels I’d know not to compulsively check the book’s Amazon ranking, which is frankly quite arbitrary and only valuable in comparison with lots of other data points.  But still, I do it.  Human beings sure like watching numbers go up and down.

However, the pre-release buzz is making me feel much better:

The Barnes and Noble Recommended SF&F for January says this:  “In Polly, Vaughn has crafted a pitch-perfect young adult voice and a top-notch sci-fi action story, every bit the feminist answer to the so-called Robert Heinlein “juveniles” that inspired it.”

John DeNardo at Kirkus Reviews says: “This is a book you can hand to a teen reader to get them hooked on reading.”

That’s all about exactly what I was going for when I wrote the book.  I’ll take it.

Stay warm this weekend, y’all.  (Currently -9 F here in Colorado.  NO.)


One Response to “Martians Abroad in 10 days!”

  1. Thomas Stacey Says:

    I didn’t realize it was quite that cold here still. Anyways, I read the first chapter preview of Martians last night and really liked it, so I will be picking it up as soon as I can like I have with everything else since I first discovered Kitty and the Midnight hour.

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