January 4, 2017

I’m trying to clean up and go through my office a bit, to get the new year off to a more organized start.  So, when I first started out, when I sold my first few stories, I put the contracts in a file folder.  One simple manila folder labeled “short story contracts.”  I mean, there weren’t very many of them.  They all fit.  About five or six years into this I got my first reprint request, which was pretty exciting, and I dug out the contract for that story and paper clipped the reprint contract to the first one, to keep them together.

At some point, I don’t remember exactly when, this got cumbersome.  I was getting more reprint requests and it was getting hard to find things.  “Amaryllis” alone has been reprinted half a dozen or so times.  So I dumped out that folder and gave each short story its own folder, labeled with the title.

I think I have close to a hundred of those folders now.  It’s kind of a great system, because each story’s publication history is all right there, and when I’m putting a collection together I can pull the folders and group them together.  It’s easy to sort.  When I started, I filed all my work related papers in a little plastic file box.  Now, it’s all spread across a couple of big file drawers.

And that’s yet another way to measure progress.



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