2016 in review

December 7, 2016

It’s that time of year again!  What did I do in 2016?  What work did I publish?  Let’s review, shall we!


Collections:  This year Fairwood Press released Amaryllis and Other Stories, a splendid little thing that I’m awfully proud of.



“The Thing About Growing Up in Jokertown.”  This brand-new Wild Cards story isn’t out yet.  It’ll go live on Tor.com on December 21.

“The Mind is Its Own Place,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, September.

“Takes All Kinds,” co-written with Diana Rowland, Urban Allies, ed. by Joseph Nassise, Harper Voyager, 2016.


Short Stories:

“That Game We Played During the War.” March, Tor.com.  This may be one of the best short stories I’ve ever written.  So far…

“The Lady of Shalott,” Swords v. Cthulhu, ed. Jesse Bullington and Molly Tanzer, Stone Skin Press, August.

“Origin Story,” Lightspeed Magazine.



And my first play, “Simulation,” premiered at Linfield College in September.  Still looking for publication opportunities for it. Stay tuned.

I’ve also been having a splendid time reviewing movies for Lightspeed.  This page has links to all my reviews to date.




4 Responses to “2016 in review”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    I just reread That Game We Played, with life events between the two readings; I got quite teary this time through.

  2. bsdonovan Says:

    Just rear (not a re-read) _That Game We Played_. Really enjoyed it.

  3. Thomas Stacey Says:

    Sounds like I need to read That Game We Played too. Thanks for linking all your movie reviews that you have done for Lightspeed I had never read your Force Awakens review and I quite liked it. I enjoyed reading your others as you posted them too.

  4. […] try to talk about what I’m looking at nominating, at least a little.  (A couple months ago I posted my own eligible work, if you’re so inclined to […]

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