it’s a Monday…

December 5, 2016

December is not off to a real good start.  The wretched cold became even more wretched, probably because I was existing in a state of complete denial and thinking I could just power through it.  Yeah, that didn’t work.  In the meantime, I’ve barely started on holiday prep and I’m falling behind on everything I want to get done and. . .

Never mind.  I should probably go back to bed.  Ugh.


5 Responses to “it’s a Monday…”

  1. Drisanna Says:

    Bless your heart. I totally feel for you. Make yourself a nice hot toddy and curl up with something mildly entertaining to do (like a crossword or sudoku) and recover. I hope you feel MUCH better, very soon. For sheer misery, there’s nothing like a horrid bad cold.

  2. Todd Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear you are under the weather. I am too, I caught a nasty cold last weekend that ruined some fun plans, and may ruin more fun plans this coming weekend. Get lots of rest, take care of yourself, and get well soon.

  3. carriev Says:

    Thanks. Finally just going to bed helped. And making tea with the lemon balm and chamomile from my garden.

    But yeah, need more sleep.

  4. Jazzlet Says:

    Hope you are feeling better, but if you are not remember the title of the blog, its meant to ive to you not exhaust you so don’t post if you are still ill!

  5. Jazzlet Says:

    Aaaargh that is meant to say ‘give’ not ‘ive’. Why is it that you check through what you have typed, but still only see the error once you have pressed send?

    I’m not sure what I mean is clear from what I first wrote anyway, what I was trying to express is that this blog was never meant to be a chore was it? It was meant to be a place to spark the ideas that are vital to intelligent thought hence the title, so don’t let it be a chore. This is something I’ve been thinking about on and off since you posted about finding it a strain to always post three times a week. And being ill or recovering from being ill is just the sort of time you should be allowing yourself to say ‘not today’.

    Intrusive bossy fan over and out.

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