Well. That happened.

November 9, 2016


I have friends all over the world and the first thing I’d like to say is: I’m sorry. I thought America was better than this, I thought we stood for tolerance and equality and hope. And then a big chunk of voters chose hate, bigotry, and ignorance. I’m trying to think if there was something I could have done, maybe I should have spoken out more, done more, something. I don’t know. I’m sorry.

Second, I’m not leaving. I’m staying to fight and hold the line for the values we used to stand for, for science-based policy and diplomacy and women’s rights, and to protect my LBGTQ friends who are now afraid their marriages and civil rights will be taken away from them, my immigrant friends, the people of color in my life who are afraid for their lives. Black Lives Matter, and we have to keep shouting that because apparently everyone who voted for the candidate endorsed by the KKK doesn’t actually believe that.

I’m not up for saying much more than that right now, but I want to say that: I’m staying and fighting. For tolerance, equality, fairness, justice, and hope.


15 Responses to “Well. That happened.”

  1. Jazzlet Says:

    I am sorry too, I have some idea of how you feel being a Remainer in Brexit Briain. It is truly sad and frightening how much of the world seems to be moving towards more intolerance.

  2. Nonny Regina Says:

    It’s a stone cold shock. We’re standing at the crossroads, and I’m not happy about where we might be heading.

  3. kholvoe Says:

    I get the disappointment. Please try to understand our side: You picked Hillary. Of all the people to be your standard bearer. Put Kaine, Webb, any of a number of other people up at the top of the ticket, and the Democrats win. America wins. But you chose a liar, a person who helped send the midddle east into further chaos, who broke security laws, who sold influence through a sham charity. Don’t apologize for me. Apologize for choosing such a bloody well flawed avatar for your side.

  4. I’ll just paste my blog entry from earlier today:

    I never thought I’d see the day that we elected someone so plainly unfit for office that I’d actually feel nostalgic for the days of Dubya.

    Not going to drop everything and move to New Zealand, but the idea is sorely tempting right now.

  5. Slater Says:

    I am truly disappointed in you. I thought you were much smarter than this. You can’t possibly believe this election was about race or religion or sexual preference. This was about corruption.

    Did you ever ask yourself why Clinton setup her own servers? Well the truth came out. It was b/c of all of the influence peddling and corruption that she was involved in. She didn’t want those emails on the State Department server. The classified email issue was simply an after thought when they set it up.

    If you really can’t see that the American people were fed up with the corruption in DC, were fed up with the way the Justice Department and FBI were being twisted by politics then you need to take a step back and really re-think whether you are standing on the side of good or evil.

    The right person won. When Obama was elected people freaked out. Oh no, everything is going to be horrible now, and then nothing really changed that much. Well the same thing is going to happen here. The Supreme Court already ruled on Gay Marriage. That isn’t going to change. Nobody is coming after the LGBT community or the African American community. If you are an illegal alien, yeah you should be afraid, and rightfully so.

    Besides the MSM makes Trump out to be some sort of monster. He really isn’t. He is actually a pretty compassionate guy. A lot of his leanings are surprisingly left or middle of the road. He just doesn’t do a good job of expressing himself and the liberal MSM seizes on it and made him out to look evil for the benefit of Hillary.

    The people saw through it all and voted for the right candidate. You should be proud of that. Not ashamed!

  6. Rebecca Says:

    Today is a day of mourning for me. I find myself reaching out for comfort – and am sometimes met with anger and hateful words thrown at me.

    Thank you for your words and sharing your experience. Peace. Rebecca

  7. jobber111 Says:

    I second everything you say, it surprises me that the majority of this country are misogynistic, bigoted racists. I am a veteran who voted, and I am deeply ashamed of my country this morning. I am also old and my health is bad, I will never see things swing back the other direction. The best of luck to you young people, I am afraid you will need it. Thanks for not being afraid to speak your truth.

  8. Nicholas Says:

    I’m so sorry. I hoped and really believed it was going to turn out differently. Best wishes.

  9. Carbonman Says:

    So glad I live in Canada; I wish you luck in sorting out the mess you’re about to be thrown into for the next 4-8 years and beyond.
    What’s with letting senior citizens lead the country? Shouldn’t there be an upper limit to go with the age 35 minimum?

  10. jobber111 Says:

    Also, this country has judges that love to put politicians in jail. At this point in her career, after all of the scrutiny and investigations directed at her. If she were guilty of so much as jay walking she would be behind bars. The only thing she is guilty of is being on the receiving end of a non stop attack by Fox news and the republican congress. They have been acting on the time worn proven principle of “if you say a lie loud enough and repeat often enough, people will believe it is true.”

    The idea that trump is the “right person” for the office is criminal. A thinned skinned, impulsive bully with nuclear codes is scary. He once said “Why have them (nukes) if you are not willing to use them.” And he is a monster in so many obvious ways.

  11. Sarah Peterson Says:

    I hate hate, but I could not, in good conscience, vote for a liar and a BABY KILLER. A very wise man once told me something I would like to share with all of you: ” Don’t worry, it’ll all work out.”

  12. It seems to me that, while we could trade excuses and recriminations till the end of time over this, that won’t solve anything. While I didn’t want trump to get elected, now that he has been, each of us need to figure out what to do next, either for ourselves or for others.

  13. Jazzlet Says:

    Slater I am not American, but I am British where very similar things were said about the Brexiters by many Remainers and while I don’t think that it is entirely wrong it doesn’t show the full picture. Yes there were undoubtedly xenophobic bigots who voted for Trump and for Brexit, but that isn’t the whole story any more than your suggestion that the people voting for Trump were all voting against corruption – although from this country Trump seeems worse than Clinton in terms of stiffing small businesses who did work for him, his business partners, as well as his excerable treatment of women so he seems an odd choice if you are looking for a ‘clean’ candidate. However there seems to be a large section of the population in the USA, Britain (and many other countries) of people who feel that the political establishment no longer works for them, has let them down badly, and they vote for whichever candidate or option is least associated with the status quo, I suspect that those people make up at least as many of the people who voted for Trump as people voting against the corruption of Clinton.

    In both cases I think a lot of people have not been looking at the issues rationally, but have been voting the way they have because they are scared and want things to go back to the way they were in a time when when they were not scared, or if younger when they think their parents weren’t scared, even though the world has changed in the meantime making it impossible to do that.

  14. carriev Says:

    Supporters of the person who was elected this week:

    You know how when there’s an extremist terrorist attack and some people declare that Muslims need to denounce and speak out against it to prove that not all Muslims are terrible?

    I would like you to speak out against this. People are doing hateful things in your name, and it would be really helpful if you’d send a message that this is not okay.


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