Martians Abroad

November 4, 2016

When I was going over the galleys for Martians Abroad a little while back, I laughed at this scene, because I always laugh at this scene, because it makes me really happy.

Trouble is, I’m not sure anyone else is going to think it’s all that funny.

But you know what?  I don’t really care.  Sometimes we put stuff in books because we want to, and not for any other reason.

If I tried to ask him what he was doing or how long it was going to take, he’d only get more inscrutable, so instead I asked, “How was the play?”

“What?” Charles looked up, blinking.

“The play that I didn’t get to see. How was it?”

“It was okay,” Ethan said.

Charles surprised me by looking thoughtful— pleased, even. “Not bad. It was vintage, first performed in the early days of the original theater district. About gangsters and a floating craps game. Everybody sang songs when they got emotional.”

Had Charles actually enjoyed it? I thought theater would have been beneath him. “And what is a floating craps game?”

“I think it’s a metaphor. Can we talk about that later?” He keyed in more commands and studied the handheld’s screen intently.

Book’s due out in January.  Just a couple more months…



One Response to “Martians Abroad”

  1. Randy Upton Says:

    Play? yours or guys and dolls?

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