October 28, 2016

My costuming skills are growing.

So, I’ve been thinking.  Sometimes, the most striking cosplay takes advantage of the player’s own appearance, portraying characters he or she actually resembles.  With that in mind, what characters should I attempt?  If I wanted to go for a really accurate cosplay, what should I try?

I came up with two:  Galadriel and Professor Trelawney.

And that is a very odd pairing.


10 Responses to “cosplay”

  1. Tim Schmidt Says:

    Having seen you in person and think you could make a good Galadriel (although she’d be taller) and I can totally see you as professor Trelawney.
    How about putting on a blond wig and going as Kitty Norville?


  2. I really like Emma Thompson and I think you would be great as Sybill Trelawney. Key element though would be the glasses that did the nice thick look but not make you go blind.

  3. Doug Davey Says:

    How about Captain Marvel or Starbuck? Or Lt. Tawny Madison from Galaxy Quest?

  4. Seconding the Galadriel option (or any Tolkien-esque Elf, for that matter).

  5. Shara Says:

    I will second the Kitty Norville. I totally picture her as you! You’ve already got the long blonde hair, from what I can tell from pictures!

  6. carriev Says:

    The trouble with dressing up as Kitty… is she just looks like a regular person. How would anybody tell?

  7. Ann Says:

    For Kitty, could you carry a small wolf-form Ben under your arm? *snicker*

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the series, but I’d go insanely happy at seeing a realistic Fullmetal Alchemist’s Rita Hawkeye (THE Hawkeye that comes to mind whenever someone says the name). If you’re uncomfortable with a toy firearm, you could leave it off. She has bangs and is younger, but you wouldn’t need a wig or any makeup to pull off the look; just the uniform. Actually, just the bangs, a black turtleneck, and a pistol would be enough for some fans to recognize the character.

    Hmm, the older blonde bibliophile, Michelle Cheung, from Read or Dream and R.O.D. the TV is another Japanese comic / animated creation that could work with your look. Michelle creates a bow and arrow out of paper, is generally seen carrying more books than is healthy when she’s not fighting, and tends to wear a few unique outfits. There is quite a bit of potential with that character.

  8. Shara Says:

    Why not get shirts made up for the Radio Station that Kitty works for? Wear one of those with maybe some Kitty-appropriate props? I do like the stuffed werewolf idea. 🙂

  9. Shara Says:

    Carrie, perfect! Put your hair in a braid and you’re good to go!

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