Mile Hi Con this weekend!

October 26, 2016

The schedule for Mile Hi Con is up.  Here’s mine, along with a couple of signings that didn’t make the master schedule for some reason.

Friday:  4 pm, Podcast Triptych (in which I am interviewed, I believe).

Saturday: 2 pm, David Bowie and SF (in which I will likely gush about a certain Goblin King and cannot guarantee no crying).

Saturday 4 pm, mass autographing

Saturday 8 pm, Guilty Pleasures: the Best Bad Stuff. (In which I hope to talk about Troll and Xanadu.)

Sunday 11 am, autographing

Sunday 4 pm, Short Stories: Lifeblood and Experimental Laboratory of the Genre World.

And that’s it!

Oh, and also:  Saturday, Nov. 12 at 5 pm, I’ll be attending the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group anthology launch at Rosco’s Coffeehouse on Bijou in Colo. Springs.

And I believe that’s all my events for the rest of the year.  But I’ve got some stuff scheduled for January for the release of Martians Abroad, and I’ll post those soon.






One Response to “Mile Hi Con this weekend!”

  1. Toni Says:

    No Carrie and the Midnight Hour… /sniff/ /sigh/ /sadface/

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